Just me (girlyouknew) wrote in pastcharms,
Just me

An Interview with Greg LaVoi

I was able to interview the twice Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer of The Closer, Greg LaVoi. He's a major lover of vintage fashion, so I thought some of you might like to read the interview.

Excerpt: "Growing up in the 1960’s my dad owned a mens and boys clothing store, and my mom was a real fashion plate so I loved watching the two of them dress and wear great clothes. There was a civility to that era that got lost in the 1970’s when people relaxed and lost their manners and breeding. By using vintage on the screen and in my daily life I help show girls today that you can still dress like a lady and function in a man’s world. I hope I am educating the masses that good construction and design never goes out of style, and vintage is the best place to learn how really fine clothes were meant to be made and worn."

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