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What should we call you? Sierra
How old are you? 18
Where do you belong in time? A mixture.  (In terms of fashion aesthetic) 
I like the 60's and 70's nouvelle vague scene. (Anna Karina! <3)  but I also like the 50's Harvard student style. Kind of like the fashion characters in a J.D Salinger novel would have! The  argyle sweaters, pleated skirts and wooden pipes. etc,   
As for the 70's .... I liked the neutral earth tones that were very popular, I thought the general color scheme looked were very nice on everything (Clothes, home decor, appliances haha) ; I also have a guilty pleasure for the mod/sci-fi look to haha.

In terms of intellectual stand points; The 50's had the Beat movement, and the 20's had the Dada movement. (Surrealism I suppose as well, but I think that became more developed in the 30's though). That's the art I've always liked.

What are your hobbies?  Writing, Reading, Listening to music, Making/doodling greeting cards, Hanging out with zee frenz, Baking, Taking pictures (polaroid and lomo plz) etc,

What brings you to our community? I saw you affiliated with 'herheartinabox'. And I thought your community was really cute and interesting!
Would you like to share any photographs, words, etc?: 

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