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Spirits of the past...
Who Are We?

Welcome to Past Charms
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We are spirits of the past. We feel as if we were born in the wrong era. Perhaps we are misplaced in time. We feel a strong connection with the memories, peoples, traditions, and charms of the past. We have a yearning for things rich in history and tradition. No matter when decade, century, age, or era, we belong to history! If you know how we feel, join us here. - Stories and experiences of your daily life
- Thoughts on the past
- Interesting pieces of history
- Tales about your connection to the past
- Beautiful vintage/old things, collections, photographs
- Artwork & Literature
- Memories
- Antiques
- Historical information/stories
- Ancestry findings
- Photos or stories of old buildings/architecture
- Traditions, etiquette, noteworthy facts
- Anything else that you think relates to the community's broad ideas
We have only a few rules:

1. Keep it respectful, kind, and peaceful.
2. Please post large images under an lj-cut.
3. Do not hotlink any photos and please credit others' work if possible.
4. Post on topic.
5. Enjoy yourselves!

You may promote other communities or journals as long as they have a common ground with the basis of this community. In other words, make sure the members here would be interested!
Community Maintainer: Heidi fairy_glamour
Please refer any comments, suggestions, complaints, or problems to me by emailing storybookheidi[at]gmail.com.

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